So, who are the inventors of AppeTEETHERSTM teething toys? Husband and wife; soul mates; best friends; parents of four; and now business partners, Lori and Michael Bredemeier are the founders of Little Toader and makers of AppeTEETHERSTM – popular and funny teething toys for babies.

Both Lori and Michael had a dream to own their own business – strongly influenced by entrepreneurs on both sides of the family. Michael saw firsthand how passion, ambition, and dedication guided his mom to build a successful software company.  He knew from early on that he wanted to find his dream and become an entrepreneur as well. Lori, encouraged by her dad at a young age, was always creating little side businesses starting as young as 5 years old.  Lori started out with Koo-laid stands and reselling her toys at the end of her street in her radio flyer and expanded into her own inventions,the most popular being her own perfume (made of water and flowers) that doubled as a bug killer (MSRP $.05 to neighborhood kids). Clearly, Lori also had a dream to become a business owner.

Although they both wanted to start a business, Lori and Michael were unsure of what kind of business. Then they had children.  As parents, Lori and Michael were constantly hit with “they should make…” type ideas.  It became clear that they needed to start with products for infants and toddlers…and Little Toader was born. The name Little Toader comes from a nickname given to Lori as a little girl. She was still known as “Toader” by her Grandpa until he passed in 2010. It was natural that Lori and Michael’s first-born would inherit the nickname, “Little Toader”. Being that all products are inspired by their kid, it only made sense to call their business Little Toader.

Little Toader’s first line of products, AppeTEETHERSTM, were created based on a need they saw in the marketplace for safe, effective teething toys that weren’t so boring. They knew they wanted them to be safe, and highly effective in bringing relief to sore gums, but really wanted them to stand out.  Appe-TEETHERSTM are designed to look like real food, and they do!

Consistently ranking as one of the top teething toys, AppeTEETHERSTM are a truly unique teething solution. Babies love them, and parents get a kick out of watching their precious baby use them.

New in 2018, are Little Toader’s CookieTM solid silicone pacifiers. Parents want safe, effective products for their babies. After those needs are met, bring on the fun and fashion. Little Toader CookieTM pacifiers are patent-pending, solid silicone pacifiers (as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics). With medical grade silicone nipples and one of a kind designs, CookieTM pacifiers are sure to please.

All Little Toader products are tested and are Consumer Product Safety Commission compliant.