Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas For Your Baby

Have you been putting off your Easter basket shopping for your little one or just been too busy?

Are you all set, but love shopping and want some extra items/ideas to pack that Easter basket full?

Want to just buy an Easter Basket that’s ready to go?

We've Got You Covered

This list is was made with the on-line shopper in mind, so give yourself room for potential delays and order by 4/15 (Monday). You can push it and order by 4/17 (Next Wednesday), but everything would have to go perfectly to get all items on time. You can spend 15 minutes on your computer, tablet or phone, to build an awesome Easter basket for your little one. Each item we recommend is Amazon Prime, meaning it can ship right away and should be at your house in 2-3 days.

Here are some last-minute ideas to get your creative juices going.

Thank You Jesus!

In our house, we start with the meaning of Easter.  Bunnies are cute, babies are cute, they go together like peanut butter and jelly, but we like to emphasize that Easter about Jesus.  That being said, we have some great books that teach little ones what Easter is about.

It's All About the Hunt

Next, look for some items that will fit insider Easter eggs (check to be sure the age guidelines to be sure it is safe for the age of your child). Babies and Toddlers aren’t ready for all the candy yet, but they will still love the hunt.

Our Little Toader Cookie Pacifiers fit perfectly in an Easter egg. If you still have a crawler, they will have fun cracking into eggs to find a cute pacifier ready for them to suck on right away.

Items That Last

Put some toys in the basket that will last and be cherished for more than one day.  It is fun to buy cute bunnies and baby chicks, but will they play with them and use them the day after Easter?  Teething toys are a great option.

Here are more items that are practical and still look good in an Easter basket.

The Essentials

What is an Easter basket with out a basket?  Here are some baskets, grass, and egg shells that will get to you quickly.  Note: you will pay a premium on the grass and eggs.  You could probably pick up these items while you are shopping at your local super center.  Add them to your grocery list so you don't forget.

Or, Buy A Basket Ready to Go

You could always just buy a ready to go basket.  We have put together a couple of baskets that let you pick which Little Toader AppeTEETHERS and Little Toader Cookie Pacifiers you want.  We will ship the basket with the grass and plastic Easter eggs.  You can build a basket with 4 or 8 pieces.

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You can view all items in this article in one place directly on Just click the link or the image below and easily pick and choose what you like.  ENJOY AND HAPPY EASTER.

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